Room Parents

What do Room Parents do!??!

Room parents are a critical component of the classroom to home connection! A room parent’s role is to help the teacher with volunteer coordinating, class party organizing as well as sending communication home from the PTA and/or school. We ask that Room Parents also coordinate a few tokens of appreciation gifts throughout the year by collecting optional donations from each family. 


Useful links for Room Parents

Interested in becoming a Room Parent? Complete the following steps and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can! 

  • Complete this form for Henking Room Parents 
  • Complete this form  for Hoffman Room Parents 
  • Ensure you have paid your 2022-2023 membership dues by clicking here
You will be notified via email if you’ve been selected. Questions? You can reach out to Amy Alberts ( or Kristina Lindsay ( the Room Parent Coordinators.