The Laughing Academy 

Improv and Performance Training is ‘LIFE SKILLS’ Training.  This program is not only for kids who want to be actors; theatrical training for children has been proven to:

*     Build self-confidence.

*     Develop critical listening skills and enhance verbal communication skills.

*     Produce greater empathy for others as a result of character work.

*     Increase the capacity for peaceful conflict resolution as students learn to negotiate within scene work.

*     Foster confidence in the student’s own ability to make an impact.

*     Increase self-awareness and a greater sense of how one is perceived.

*     Teach teamwork while students work as an ensemble.

*     Be A LOT of FUN!

Each term also offers FREE evening student Improv Jams and a FREE Professional Improv Show!

The Henking/Hoffman PTA is a local unit of the Illinois PTA and part of the National PTA.

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