Global Language Lab

Global Language Lab
Global Language Lab was founded in 2006 as an affordable extra curriculum foreign language program. Through our playful immersion program, we strive to develop in children an appreciation for diversity and community. 

 We change the theme every year to stay fresh and inspirational in our classrooms. Our teachers are educated in either ESL or Early Learning Education and experienced as teachers. The teacher assistants are there to learn and help with classroom projects and overall management of the class.

What to expect to see in our educational classroom:

  • Games – because they are fun 

  • Art projects – because they are interesting 

  • Role play – to create understanding and empathy for a different culture and for our fellow students

  • Singing – for the joy of learning

  • Acting – to learn to think outside the box (even in another language)

  • Presentations – to empower the students with confidence 

Please visit us at 

Kira Maar


GLL HE registration form 2018.pdf
GLL HO registration form 2018.pdf

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