Global Language

Global Language Lab 2017/2018
Global Language Lab was founded in 2006 as an affordable extra curriculum foreign language program. Through our playful immersion program, we strive to develop in children an appreciation for diversity and community. 
We achieve our mission by expanding the student’s understanding of the customs, songs, and day-to-day experiences one might encounter in the countries studied. This empowers them with confidence in their ability to begin to communicate in their chosen language. 
We found that most students who go through Global Language Lab during their time in elementary school, do better than non-GLL students in middle school foreign language classes. GLL classes increases confidence and prepares them for a positive path to middle school learning.

Henking Global Langauge Form: GLL HE registration form 2018.pdf

Hoffman Global Language Form: GLL HO registration form 2018.pdf

The Henking/Hoffman PTA is a local unit of the Illinois PTA and part of the National PTA.

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