Code Play Learn Classes at Hoffman

Winter Session Class Registration Will Open on 

Tuesday, October 30th at 9am

Click here to register. The password is HOFFMAN-D34

Sphero Sprk+ Coding Class: What is Sphero Sprk+This tool allows students in pairs to explore programming through play. With the SPRK+ we can learn the fundamentals of coding; events, if statements, loops and more. The best part is that the kids can see how their code worked immediately enabling them to evaluate what they did, what they thought would happen and what actually happened.

Gadget Creation Class..NEWCode Play Learn is excited to offer our new Gadget Creation Class where students can bring home each finished project. During our classes students will learn the fundamentals of electrical circuits by working on a variety of hand-on projects including space flyer, buzzer box, LED art and many more.

Wil Greenwood


HO Winter2018 CPL.pdf

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